Everything is in a state of vibration at all times, including our physical and subtle bodies. Throughout our lives, we experience different sizes of trauma which is memorized by the body and may show up later in life as physical, mental or emotional dis-eases. The vibrations of sound healing instruments can be used to clear stuck energy from past trauma as well as create new healthy energy in its place. As a result, physical aches and pains will dissipate, mental and emotional exhaustion will be lifted, and spiritual connection will be heightened. You will feel more empowered and in control of your life.  

Sound healing is for all ages from infants to adults, and is very beneficial for bringing relaxation to those with ADHD. 

For group sessions, I do ask that you use your best judgement for bringing younger kids. Please be sure that they are able to be quiet with little movement for the entire session and are not disturbing others. 

Sound healing is a way to bring balance to your mind, body and soul through the use of sound vibrations. There are some newfangled devices out there claiming to help bring balance and relaxation to the physical and subtle body by sending electronic messages to help you heal. Instead of using electronical devices, I incorporate ancient and modern musical instruments, wisdom and playing techniques to bring in balance and relaxation to your whole being.

During each session, I listen to how the sound vibrations of instruments (such as Tibetan singing bowls, etc.) interact with the energy of your body. Based on what I hear, I am able to discern where there may be an energetic imbalance causing your physical, mental or emotional pain. These imbalanced areas are a result of unresolved past negative experiences and stress. Once I am able to determine the imbalanced area(s), I work specially to entrain those areas into balance. As a result, you will begin feel relief of physical pain, sense of peace and relaxation, and clarity of mind.

In general, a life coach is sought when someone feels stuck in their job or home life. They may feel confused and unable to make clear decisions, fearful of taking the actions steps needed to make a change.

With my Soul Wisdom Coaching, you learn how to tune into your inner potential to be able to achieve the clarity and courage to create your desired career and home life.

My coaching sessions are always paired with sound healing. In addition to being able to hear imbalanced energy through the instruments, I am highly in tune with my intuition as an empath and claircognizant. During our session together, I may receive images, words or phrases as well as feel emotions regarding your wellbeing. You also may see images, colors or have emotions and thoughts arise during the sound healing portion of the session. 

Therefore, we work together to make sense of your experience and any intuitive insights either of us have received during the sound healing. 

Four or more sessions are recommended because, like a piano getting out of tune over time with use, our energies also become out of tune as we live our lives. Our body memorizes every experience we have had, and if we do not energetically resolve our negative experiences, it will hang out in our energetic field causing us to feel pain in our mind and body. Especially at the beginning of your healing journey, it is necessary to continually remind our energy to stay in balance and not revert back to the old imbalanced way out of habit.  Four sessions are recommended to started and, depending on the depth of the healing, additional sessions may be advised.

If you do not feel ready to start with 4 session package, we can do a 1-time session or have a complementary consultation before you sign up. 

For group sessions, refunds are not offered. However, you may transfer your registration to another person. Please contact to inform us who will be attending in your place. 

For private sessions, you may reschedule up to 12 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Otherwise, refunds are not offered. 

For Sound Healing Workshops offered by Molly through the Sound Healing Academy, please refer to their refund policy. 

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