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Sound Healing with Yoga

(cont’d from home page)…. yoga is a practice for the mind. It is about using the breath to calm the mind and to be in the present moment. Yoga is about moving from the external world to the internal. It is about letting go of trauma of the past and anxiety of future. Yoga is about tuning into your body and spirit where you are at the moment. Get started on your journey today by joining a class below. 

Healing Through Sound and Flow

Group class. Best of Both Worlds – Sound Healing & Meditative Yoga!

Feel your energy shift and heal as you experience the sound vibrations and gentle movement. Breathing exercises, sun salutations, mantra, crystal singing bowls, buffalo drums, chimes, rain sticks. You can’t miss this class! It is the best of both worlds: sound healing & meditative yoga! 

Next Monthly Group Class: Wednesday, June 22 

5:00 pm MT – 6:00 pm MT – Online (register to receive Zoom link)

6:30 pm MT – 7:30 pm MT – In Person

@ Lotus Center for Wellbeing, 5585 Erindale Dr. Suite #203, Colorado Springs, CO 

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Sound Healing with Yoga

Private Sound Healing with Yoga

Private class. Get the benefits of an individual sound healing to work on your specific needs to clear energy, and also the benefits of yoga session created for your body. 

Choose your day, time, and in person or online. 

It can’t get better than this!

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