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Tune In & Rise Up

An online, self-guided course to support you in your healing journey to create your dream life.

Are you a Humble Warrior ready to get started?

If you are ready to get started on your journey but not needing 1:1 coaching, this one is for you.


You don’t have to feel stuck anymore.

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Tune In and Rise Up

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 This course is for you if … 

       you want to work at your own pace to go deeper with your understanding of  chakra and  vibrational healing to balance past   negative experiences and create your dream life. 

      As you work on healing   energetically, you will identify the core reasons why you are unable to follow your heart’s calling and move forward with your big decisions. Identifying the core blocks is the first step toward transforming your life feeling trapped and full of anxiety and fear to feeling freedom of working from a place of clarity and courage. 


What you get…


  • More In-depth Information from Hum to Overcome
      • Skills that can be used for a lifetime of healing 
      • Humming & Vocal Toning technique to heal imbalanced energy
      • Chakra Balancing – know what to do when your energy is deficient, excessive or balanced
  • Online Course focusing on each Chakra
      • In-depth information in table format about the chakra
      • Recorded sound healing to activate the chakra
      • Recorded yoga sequence to activate the chakra
      • Journal prompts specific to that chakra
      • Tune In and Rise Up: Sound Gardening Book 2
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