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Unwind and let go as you enter a private sanctuary of sound, where expertly curated vibrations envelop you in a personalized sound healing experience like no other. Explore our array of private sessions and select the option that resonates with your soul.

📍All the private sessions are located @441 Manitou Ave. #202, Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Sound Healing is a way to bring balance to your mind, body and soul through the use of sound vibrations.

In sessions, I listen to how the sound vibrations of instruments interact with the energy of your body. I am able to discern energetic imbalances causing your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain.

My intuitive gifts are also interwoven into each session. We will work together to make sense of your experience and any intuitive insights either of us have received. As a result, you will begin to feel relief of physical pain, sense of peace and relaxation, and clarity of mind. Start your transformation today!

Experience the transformative power of Sound Healing, a harmonizing journey for your mind, body, and soul through soothing sound vibrations. With my intuitive gifts, I combine Soul Wisdom Life Coaching to provide personalized guidance in each session. 

Together, we uncover energetic imbalances, bringing relief to physical pain, fostering inner peace, relaxation, and mental clarity. 

Optimal healing unfolds through recommended 4+ sessions, as your energies are realigned and attuned, releasing past experiences that may cause discomfort in our energetic field.

Enhance your celebrations with an extraordinary experience! 

Create profound connections with your loved ones during birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other special events through a private sound healing session. 

Ignite deeper bonds and make unforgettable memories together. 

Elevate your gatherings with the power of sound and cherish moments that will resonate for a lifetime.


Unlock the healing potential of your body, mind, and spirit through the discovery of your unique Personal Musical Scale. Experience the transformative power as I guide you in finding the resonant frequencies that harmonize with your being. 

Alongside this, receive Soul Wisdom Coaching tailored to your personal and professional journey. Embrace the opportunity to heal and grow as you embark on this empowering path of self-discovery.


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