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Individual Sound Healing + Soul Wisdom Coaching

In these sessions, we first talk about the core intention(s) for the session. Based on your intention and any energy imbalances I hear in your energetic field, I use a variety of sound healing instruments to balance your energy and restore peace to the subtle and physical body. After the sound healing, I will share any intuitive hits received during the session regarding your healing blocks and answer questions about your experience. 

Four or more sessions are recommended for optimal healing with each session spaced 7-10 days apart. Contact Molly regarding packages.

@ Lotus Center for Wellbeing, 5585 Erindale Dr. Suite #203, Colorado Springs, CO 

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Personal Musical Scale + Soul Wisdom Coaching

Everyone’s body resonates with a certain scale which can be used to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By finding your personal scale, you will have the tool to start heal your body, mind and spirit on your own. In this session, I will help you find the scale that most resonates with the frequencies of your body. In addition, you will receive soul wisdom coaching for your business or life decisions.

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Molly in Warrior Pose

Private Sound Healing with Yoga

Get the benefits of an individual sound healing to work on your specific needs to clear energy, and also the benefits of yoga session created for your body. 

Choose your day, time, and in person or online. 

It can’t get better than this!

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