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Be tutored in Japanese by the author of Quest for Japanese Fluency an online course for teens!

Molly has 31 years public school teaching experience: 11 years in Japan teaching English as a foreign language and 20 years in the United States teaching Japanese. Click below for 1-time lesson or subscribe to weekly ongoing lessons. 

She has co-authored a two-year Japanese online course completely aligned with the national standards for world language teaching in the US. Click the link below to get lifetime access to the course!   


🤖 Level Up Your Pop Culture Know-how: Ever wanted to watch anime without subtitles? How about understanding those catchy J-pop lyrics? Our course will help you decode the pop culture references that make Japan so unique. 

🎓 Empower Your Future: Learning a new language isn’t just about cool phrases; it’s an investment in your future. Boost your college applications and future job opportunities by showcasing your dedication and language skills.  

 ⌚ Time: Schedule a time that fits your schedule

📍  Location: Online OR In Person in Manitou Springs, CO

🚀Ignite Passion and Progress: Perfect for motivated students. Schedule only when you have burning questions holding you back from moving forward.

🗣️ Boost Your Confidence in Communication: With a personal tutor, your can gain the confidence to communicate effectively in Japanese.

 ⌚ Time: Schedule a time that fits your schedule

📍  Location: Online OR In Person in Manitou Springs, CO

📚 Navigate Complexities with Ease: Japanese grammar and characters can be intimidating, but a tutor simplifies the complex. Your receive one-on-one guidance, breaking down intricate concepts into understandable bits, fostering a deeper understanding. 

🌏 Cultural Enrichment Beyond Textbooks: Japanese culture is a tapestry of traditions and trends. A tutor doesn’t just teach the language – they unlock cultural insights that make learning authentic and immersive. 

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