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Japan Trip: A Spiritual & Cultural Immersion

Tentative Dates: Mar. 27 ~ Apr. 5, 2024!

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Have you always wanted to visit Japan? ⛩
Would you love to visit Mt. Kurama and have a powerful guided Reiki healing experience there? 🙌
Would you enjoy strolling through Japanese temples, shrines, and gardens🏯
Have you always wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms blooming🌸
Would you like to travel with a dedicated interpreter who will provide a culture and language class before the trip?
Imagine immersing yourself in the sacred Japanese culture through tea ceremony, calligraphy lessons, Zen meditation, Kimono fitting and Imperial Palace tour, and other authentic experiences. 👘 🫖
Visit the ancient city of Kyoto, known as the heart of Japan, where past and present exist in harmony. 🎎
Rejuvenate in a hot spring, receive inspiration from Japan’s stunning natural scenery, and transcend the ordinary in the meditative soundscape of a bamboo grove🎋
Stay in both modern western and more historic Japanese accommodations.
Revel in Japanese hospitality and savor local culinary delights🍱
Join Molly Adkins of Sacred Sound Healing (Sound Healer, Intuitive Coach, Yoga Instructor) and Julie Speetjens of Soaring Heart Energies (Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Medical Reiki Master, Psychic Medium) for an absolutely unforgettable spiritual and cultural immersion in Japan in Spring of 2024.
This will be a small group tour with limited availability, expertly planned by Phoenix Sagan who is an International Adventure Specialist.
(Images Courtesy of: Pixta and Freepik)

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