The Power Hour: Sound Healing + Reiki Experience
Need some good vibes? Molly Adkins (Sound Healing) & Julie Speetjens (Reiki) combine their energetic forces to create a space for you to nourish your soul and achieve deep relaxation. Limited to 10 ppl. Monthly
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Heal Through Sound and Flow
The Best of Both Worlds - Sound Healing & Meditative Yoga! Feel your energy shift and heal as you experience the sound vibrations and gentle movement. In person. Limited to 6 ppl. Monthly
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Sound Healing with Yoga


Yoga is not about doing contortions of the body. While it can help with flexibility, balance and strength over time, yoga is really a practice for …

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Sound Healing

Everything is in a state of vibration at all times, including our physical and subtle bodies. Throughout our lives, we experience different sizes of trauma which … 

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Getting involved in programs that use sound healing and empowerment coaching is an excellent way to be guided toward realizing your dream … 

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Meet Molly

Molly took early retirement from a 30-year career in public school education to follow her heart’s calling as an entrepreneur using sound healing, yoga, intuitive coaching to help others follow their heart’s calling. Molly found sound healing and yoga in a turbulent time of her life, and it helped her rise out of her depression and find her true heart’s calling. After graduation from University of Colorado with a music degree in voice, Molly moved to Japan to teach English where she resided for eleven years. During that time, she taught English and earned her MA in ethnomusicology from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. After returning to the US in 2000, she continued her teaching career by becoming a high school Japanese and ENL teacher. She also gives performance-lectures about Japanese traditional folk song. Since 2018, she has become a certified sound healer for groups and individuals, yoga instructor and a reiki master practitioner.


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